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Friends make the best career mentors.

On October 7th 2019, I lost my friend, sorority sister, career mentor and the only person to ever leave me a LinkedIn Recommendation: Anchalee Anastasia Frazier. Today, I read that recommendation for the 30x in the last month and was again reminded of Anchalee's commitment to my success and how it is forever unmatched.

Anchalee is the reason I am a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. She is the reason I ever stepped foot into a Student Government Association office and the reason I pushed to add internships (from Atlanta to Salt Lake City) to my resume in college. Any doubt I ever had in my time at Fayetteville State University that I couldn’t do something or that it was out of my reach, she quickly (and sternly, for anyone who knows Anchalee) reminded me that I deserve the best because I am the best. 

Anchalee introduced me to sales. I'll never forget; we were at an Applebee's bar in my hometown when she looked 22-year-old Jackie straight in the eyes and said, "You'll miss a lot of things because your busy, tired (or both) and you'll work harder than all your friends. But you'll also make more money than anyone you know." 

That conversation ended with her sponsorship in helping to land my first job at Verizon Wireless which opened the door to my Atlanta career journey beginning at AT&T. She would never admit she was annoyed I left VZW for AT&T (oops). She instead celebrated me and reminded me how proud she was of my success.

I'd call her randomly for everything from personal problems to needing to “borrow” ways to warm up customers who wanted nothing to do with me. Anchalee knew about every job interview and offer letter accepted. She pushed me to always become an even better version of myself than I was the day, month, year before. 

Even in her passing, Anchalee leaves knowledge. I hope this lesson, you will take away, too: 

Life is unexpected. It’s short and death knows no bounds. So, while you’re here, as cliché as it sounds: follow your heart. 

You already know what to do. Whatever that voice in the back of your head keeps nagging you to do, do it. Find your next job. Make more time to spend with your family. Start that workout plan you keep putting off. Move to be closer to the person you love. Save a little more each month. Have the baby. Go back to school. Move closer to your aging parents. Buy the house. Whatever it is. Just do it! Because there are so many young people, like my 32-year-old angel, who will never have the chance to keep getting better.

Anchalee, you left this earth as your very best self.

September 2nd 2010

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